Keep Healthier

Every Unwanted Health or Eating Concern Has An Unseen Wisdom and Brilliance

Every challenge we face with food and body has a wisdom to it that’s rooted somewhere in biology, genetics, neurochemistry or psychology, or a combination of these.


If You Have a Challenging Relationship with Food or Body, then You’re Indeed Here to Heal It

There’s no escaping the wisdom of our eating challenges. There are NO short cuts. Try as we might, there’s no way to sweep under the rug the soul’s imperative to grow, evolve and heal.



Personal Power = Metabolic Power

This is one of the key principles in our work. It’s a magic formula. And what it means is that the more we become personally empowered, the more we can reach our metabolic potential.




Food is a Profound Symbolic Substitute

A “symbolic substitute” is a term that describes a fascinating psychological phenomenon: When the human psyche cannot get what it wants, it automatically and instinctively reaches for the closest approximation.

So hopefully you’re beginning to see the possibilities with this whole new understanding of food, body and health.

It’s no longer necessary to fight ourselves, to judge our eating challenges, or to attack our own body with unkind words and thoughts.