According to a survey carried out by the Rapid Learning Institute, a whopping 94 percent of the Learning & Development professionals who took part in the study said that their learners preferred bite-sized learning modules to eLearning courses that run to 30 minutes and more. They have their reasons. The average learner thinks in thin slices—he wants to resolve one problem before he moves on to the next. So make sure that you give him ONE concept to digest and induce ONE change in behavior or attitude to fulfill ONE learning objective.

Stick to One Idea


  • Cut to the chase. Do away with the history, the background information, and the theories. Deliver the “how-to” right away. Remember, your learners are looking for just-in-time solutions.
  • Be direct. Do not try to deliver learning in the traditional eLearning format where every course has an introduction, a detailed section, conclusion, and assignments.
  • Use a variety of media to present content crisply. Remember, an image is worth a thousand words. One video clip that demonstrates a procedure can replace several photos, each showing a single step.